Buccanwood Miniature Goats   

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!Buccanwood Miniature Goats Terms and Conditions please read carefully!

All reservations on goats must be accompanied by a $50.00 (non-refundable) deposit per goat ,

 Refunds will not be given in a change of decision. We Do Not refund money so

please consider carefully before you buy.

I recommend that you view/inspect before you purchase.

Health declarations and vet checks can be arranged at the cost and responsibility of the purchaser if required . 


We guarantee 100% health and well being of the animal upon leaving .

 Refunds will not be given if a health issue occurs without being confirmed by a vet and paperwork submitted

 All animals are wormed, vaccinated and free of lice to the very best of our knowledge. 

 We are happy to provide you with any help or information you may require

Cash payment or direct deposit is preferred. FULL payment MUST be made before the animal

leaves the property. 

 If paying with direct deposit the FULL amount must be paid into the account 

before the animal is eligible to leave the property 


Kids, Yearlings and all stock sold under 3 years old are sold as potential grades 

height guarantee for animals of ages 0-3 years can not be verified, 

Before you purchase we can provide the full lineage or breeding of your animal

 and any health information you may require i.e.: CAE/JD results

Registration paperwork will be completed and sent to the applicable society 

after the animals are collected, this can take a few weeks for the paperwork to be received back from them,