Buccanwood Miniature Goats   

  Welcome To

A little about how we got started with our family of Goats

We started Buccanwood Miniature Goats after purchasing two initial goats 2012, we have a small stud of show and pet goats, which we take to various shows around SE QLD each year with success

I am always happy to answer any questions and query's you may have to ask regarding any stock we may have, farm visits are available on request

We are located 30 mins south of Brisbane and 30 mins

North of the Gold Coast at Buccan, Logan. QLD

We are registered with the MGBA and AABMGS association.

 We are tested for CAE and JD annually

Our aim is to improve the health and well-being of all our goats to produce well natured, well rounded animals for sale as pets and for showing

Please feel free to browse our website and enjoy our pictures

General price list for Buccanwood Miniature Goats 

Bottle babies. 

Pet weathers                                                From  $250.00+

Pet Does                                                        From  $450.00+

Any bucks not considered to be show quality be be wethered 

Show quality does.                       From $700.00+

Show quality bucks.                     From. $500.00+

 Show quality wether.                   From $ $300.00+

Pygmy pricing (new imported breed)


        12.5%    $400+       

 25%    $400

   37.5%  $500  

            50%      $1000 -$1500


   50%      $1,000-$150

25%       $500 

Adults goats will be assessed by there temperament, height and quality then priced accordingly,

Goats come with a clean bill of health and registration paperwork with either MGBA or AABMGS upon sale