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Next sales September onwards, Our waiting list for kids is full at this stage for 2018


We are happy to add you to 2019 should you want to get in early and avoid missing out 

Buccanwood Jemma  SOLD  

MGBA potential B grade

AABMGS Generation 2

Beautiful Blue eyed doe , has a dairy line too to her so may make a good mini milker. 

due to have her first kids this year 

(may sell with kid at foot ) cashmere coat in the winter self sheds 

Due to kid August 2018


available late 2018 after kidding season

MGBA B Grade

AABMGS  Generation 2

28/02/2013  56.5 cm

  Beautiful Doe with a fine build and Sheltie coat .

  Easy to handle with food. tends to be shy and timid. best suited for breeding